Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Everyone Needs A Bit Of Inspiration

Hello everyone. Every so often I always have a fashion crisis. What should I wear? Does this actually look good on me? I'm about to be 22, should I start dressing like a "grown up"? Should I grow out my hair? Does short hair suit me? Blah blah blah... Maybe it's just me but every so often I like to nosey around on Google, Pinterest and other blogs to revive my own on sense of style and essentially remind myself who I am. I thought I would share a few pictures that have been inspiring me tonight.

Haha sorry about putting so many pictures. I couldn't decide which ones I liked the best.
My style is quite geeky grunge. I love my cartoon tshirts, plaid shirts, skinny jeans and comfy cons. When it comes to my hair I love it short, big and messy. I do have a couple of friends who think I'm slightly Peter Pan'ish but going to work in a suitable dress and a pair of kitten heels will NEVER be me. I'm quite lucky that the office I work in are cool with me wearing whatever I like.
I love doing this every so often, it keeps me creative. Oh and nothing is more fashion inspiring than "people watching", which basically means grabbing a hot chocolate, parking your bum on a bench and watching people go by while judging their outfits.
Anyways I've rambled on about a load of garbage. Does anyone else do these things? If you had to describe your style what would you say?
Chow for now. x

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